The leaves for these ‚WildTeas’ originate from the last wild growing tea plants of the World. These plants have never been cultivated, or modified to enhance crops. This is pure nature, untouched and original. The plants ( Camellia Sinensis ) grow wild in some of the last rainforest in South-East Asia and are harvested by the local tribes, mainly for their own consumption.

Like most wild plants, the ancients tea trees have a considerable higher content of valuable ingredients, than most cultivated varieties. A good basis for high quality tea.Similar to other areas with ancient forest, these are endangered by the advancing industrial agriculture. So one of our intentions, is to open markets for these teas in order to enable the tribes to continue with the harvesting, as it would guaranty them a sufficient income.

The certification of the producers according to the EEC and US-NOP Bio-Rg., as well as to the FLO-Fairtrade standards, guaranty sustainable prices and funds for the development of the area.